Get the best from your recruiter - 5 Tips

Five top tips for recruitment

  • How can HR professionals get the best from Recruiters?
  • With an estimated 78% of businesses using recruitment agencies to support the attraction and recruitment of new talent………what’s really important? 
  • Formulate a working partnership – it’s important for both parties to understand processes and limitations 
  • Clearly define your expectations – what are your objectives? the whole experience needs to work not just the end result  
  • Make time for a face to face meeting: 30 minutes spent together can prove invaluable for building trust and “buying into” your recruiter 
  • Ensure your recruiter becomes an ambassador for your business – you want them to understand the position of your business and how to sell it to potential candidates 
  • Be prepared to give honest feedback - it’s vital early on in the relationship for recruiters to make sure they get it right on every level
  • When a relationship between HR and a Recruiter works it can provide a real return on investment resulting in the recruitment partner becoming an extension of a HR department.