Looking back on the trends of 2016  


Every recruiter started to experience a shortage of talent in their respective market places which has meant that branding become the “buzz” phrase of the year! Not only did social media go into overdrive but content marketing began to take on a life all of its own. Branding is a showcase for any business and from a recruitment perspective we have both clients and candidates that we look attract. A strong brand give you a strong identity.

Candidate experience

Whilst is should always be an inclusive journey from initial contact to job placement, a lot of recruiters have always considered the client to be of more importance. Obvious mistake of course, candidates can make or break your brand as they often share their experiences with friends and family then it becomes far reaching. Making extra effort to keep your candidates engaged in the recruitment process has become of paramount importance, coach, advise and guide, our candidates are our ambassadors.    


Finding good Consultants with the right values become an issue and the main reason for movement of experienced Consultants come from those striving to find a real work/life balance. Recruitment businesses have now had to look outside of the “norm” with the offer of flexible working hours, part time roles and remote working. Finding talent and more importantly keeping talent has meant recruitment leaders have been forced into a rethink!

Pressure points 

Understanding what our clients experience on a daily basis has become more important for recruiters to truly understand how they can claim to add value to a business. It’s not just about filling a job but knowing how we can help, it’s about providing sensible advice to our clients which can only happen when we really understand the issues they face on a daily basis. Knowing our recruitment market place means we can become a real business partner.