A Basic Interview Checklist!

Be prepared, this is basic but important for a successful interview! 


  • Be sure you know the time, date and location of the interview and name of interviewee.
  • Check out how you will get to the location and when you need to set off to be there in good time - do a dummy run if necessary. Plan to get there no earlier than half an hour before the interview time, anticipate delays. 
  • Have you got what you are going to wear ready.  
  • Do not go to the interview laden down with baggage - psychological as well as physical. Take the bare minimum of belongings necessary. Concentrate on the interview at the interview - nothing else. 
  • If you are well organised and have planned for the day your confidence will increase.


  • The interview is a chance for you and the employer to get to know one another
  • Research and gather information about the business before you are interviewed - what do they do, what are their current projects, what future plans do they have, who are their competitors 
  • Make sure you know what the job entails, your Consultant should go through all the details of the job, the company culture, future expectations and some tips on what your interviewer is like. Take this information on board and use it to prepare.