How Your Fashion Business Can Attract Top Candidates

How Your Fashion Business Can Attract Top Candidates

Fashion is an extremely sought after industry - it’s fast paced, exciting and will continue to develop as the years pass. Due to it’s fast development, every company within the fashion industry wants to attract the very top candidates and so Prestige Recruitment Group have compiled a list to ensure that your company can choose from the very best.


1) Be Worth Working For

There are a lot of companies within the fashion industry, with some offering completely different benefits to others. In order to attract the best candidates, you have to make your company worth working for. As there’s a lot of competition, you can do this by offering competitive salaries and benefits. You need to show that you are a fashion brand that recognises hard work and commitment. All these factors will make your fashion company appear attractive, and so top candidates will be more inclined to want to work for you.


2) Keep Your Current Staff Happy

It’s a well-known fact that within the fashion industry people are constantly networking, particularly at the numerous fashion events that are held throughout the year. If a potential employee asks a current employee what it’s like to work at your company – their response needs to be positive. Happy employees networking within the industry attracts the top candidates.


3) Be Transparent Through the Hiring Process

Communication is vital to finding the top candidates. The fashion industry is constantly growing and moving, and so the best candidates don’t have the time to waste on vague conversation and unclear job roles. Let candidates know the specifics, be clear on salaries and be honest about the downsides of the position. The best talent can see straight through your company and so you should always be clear, precise and honest.


4) Remember that Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

The best candidates within the fashion industry probably have options. In order to make your company seem like a viable option you need to remember this. Assuming that interviews are a one-way street may make your company come across badly and generally turn off the top candidates. The top candidates will interview and assess your company the same way your interviewer is going to assess the potential employee – so be ready. Send out a great interviewer who can communicate clearly about everything your company offers.


5) Use a Specialist Recruitment Company

In order to ensure that your company gathers the best candidates, specialist recruitment companies such as Prestige Recruitment Group help considerably. By using a recruitment company, your fashion company widens the pool of candidates as recruitment agencies have a large database of candidates. Some of these candidates may not be actively job searching, but would be interested if the right job for the right company came along. By using a company such as Prestige, your fashion business has access to this pool of candidates that you would never be able to find without the agency. Specialist recruitment agencies save time and money and ensure you get the best talent.


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