How to Attract Candidates Who Are Looking for a New Job

How to Attract Candidates Who Are Looking for a New Job

Grow Your Company Brand

If you have a strong company brand, more people will recognise your company and in turn, want to work for you. A great way to ensure your brand comes across as positive is to motivate current employees – that way when they leave reviews on websites such as Glassdoor or tell potential employees what it’s like to work for your company, it will all be positive. This will attract candidates who are looking for a new job – as the more your company is recognised for positive employee experience, the more likely you are to attract all the right candidates. 


Get Online & Get Connected

As we move into 2018, digital technology is becoming more and more essential when recruiting for jobs. Constantly engaging and sharing connections online is a great way to attract candidates. By sharing information across your online platforms, you continue to nurture your company brand and allow individuals to get to know the company. Establishing these online relationships will attract candidates who know about your company and thus, you will be first point of call when they are looking for a new job.


Be Mobile Friendly

With the development of mobile technology, job searching has never been easier. Many individuals now browse for jobs on their phone while commuting or in bed or watching television and so in order to attract candidates who are looking for a new job you must offer full mobile functionality. 


Great Job Description

The job description is a vital opportunity to attract potential employees to your company. The best advertisements should include the best features of the job, it’s duties and the company. Describe the company’s benefits, wages, hours and work environment. The clearer you are, the more candidates you will attract. 


Streamline The Company’s Hiring Process

In order to attract candidates who are job searching, the job hiring process should be as easy as possible. Candidates applying through social media or online job posting don’t want to apply to a complex application process. If the process is too long, you run the risk of boring potential employees! Make sure you fully explain every stage in the selection process to job applicants and keep them informed of the company’s decisions.


Competitive Pay & Benefits

With most jobs, the primary thing that attracts candidates into applying is the salary. In order to attract candidates, offer a competitive salary with other benefits. Over the past few years, there has been a growth in companies that offer benefits that improve an individual’s quality of life. These include gym membership, car parking and free drinks.  Offer small benefits like this and it will often attract more candidates into applying for your vacancy.


Flexibility & Room For Growth

As we progress further into 2018, more and more companies are offering flexible working hours. This is a really great feature for a company to have, and employers that understand the needs of a modern workplace will appeal to more candidates. Another important element in attracting candidates is to illustrate the chance of progression when working for your company. Often, a starting salary isn’t too important to a potential employee as long as they know there is a chance for growth within a company.


Now What?

So you’ve attracted a variety of candidates to your job role – and even offered one of them the job. It’s important that from the very second you offer the role to a candidate, you have an onboarding strategy in place. Onboarding is the action of integrating a new employee into an organisation and is vital to keeping employees motivated within the workplace. Prestige Recruitment Group are in the process of creating a document with information, data and facts about the onboarding process. If you’re interested – sign up to receive the free document as soon as it’s completed!

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Digital Marketer
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