Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

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There are a variety of characteristics involved in a team of high-performing people, regardless of the industry or sector that you work in. Although with different roles, the quality of being high-performing may be completely diverse depending on the responsibilities or expectations you and your company may have. However, in general, many of the qualities of high-performing teams are similar, and a recent article by Forbes has listed the ‘13 Characteristics of High Performing Teams’.

The list states that one of the most important characteristics of a high-performing team is recognising individual strengths.  The article argues that ‘great teams are built with people who have great talent and skills’ and that these teams have leaders who ‘not only recognize these strengths, they enable individuals to work within them and ensure team members appreciate one another.’

With increased diversity in the workplace, people have different strengths and qualities that make them unique. In order to be a successful company, Prestige Recruitment Group appreciate the individuality of each person and invest highly into our staff and their uniqueness. We believe that blanket KPI’s simply do not work. If you have seen our other blog about our Training Academy, you will know that from the very beginning, we train our employees in a way that understands the needs of an individual and so tailor our training to the employee’s individual needs.  Of course, we appreciate that each person within our team will perform their tasks differently, but we do have high expectations, which has worked exceptionally when building our reputation within the recruitment industry. 

Linking onto the second characteristic on Forbes’s list, Prestige Recruitment Group have a high focus on hitting goals. Our goals vary from role to role, depending on the position our employees hold. However, we do have high expectations and expect our employees to reach their goals in order to increase success for not just the company, but for each individual too. Personal goals as well as working goals are something we focus on heavily within the workplace, which allows our employees to thoroughly flourish. Sometimes, reaching these goals may be difficult, but as we invest heavily in the individual, it is always worth it when these goals are reached.

The third quality on the list is alignment. Every member of the Prestige team are aligned with our company culture and focused values. Here at Prestige Recruitment Group, we pride ourselves on our recruitment success rate and have always tried to be forward thinking, employing new strategies, systems and approaches that are in line with our long-term ethical commitment to our market sector.

In order to hear more about our company culture, please check out the video below. Here we interview Hannah Knight, who in the words of one of our directors is a ‘one-in-a-million, quirky and creative individual.’ Hannah’s driven and hungry nature and the increased emphasis on her strengths within the company has allowed Hannah to flourish into one of our top billers. One of the key areas that has facilitated this growth is our company culture, so check out this video to find more:

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