What is the Secret to Success?

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Most people want to be successful – that’s just a fact. However, the definition of success varies from person to person, but on the face of it, it’s achieving what you want to achieve.

Regardless of your definition, success often springs from opportunities, ideas, perspectives, connections or ventures. However, there are various things you can do in order to increase your chances of success. Prestige Recruitment Group have therefore created this blog in order to let you in on a little secret, and that’s the secret to success. Here’s what you should do:


1) Identify What Matters Most

Throughout life, and even throughout your day, there are multiple elements that compete for your attention. It’s therefore vital that you recognise your top priorities and:


2) Set Aggressive Goals

Establish what you want to achieve and stick to them - whether that’s in a decade, a few years, a couple of months, or just what you need to achieve for the day. By setting your goals, you will increase your motivation and when you have realistic deadlines, you are setting yourself up for success to complete what you want to complete! It’s also vital that you:


3) Ignore the Noise

Even though you’ve decided what matters most and you’ve set aggressive goals, there’s still going to be distractions and noise. In order to be successful, it’s vital that you ignore these. Obviously, if your manager tells you something needs to be done and it wasn’t originally scheduled into your plan, you’re going to have to realign your goals for the day rather than block it out! But anything that’s not important, ignore it!


But how should you spend your time?

1) Daily Routines

Many successful people get themselves into a daily routine. Tim Cook gets up at 3:45am and goes to the gym and Tony Robbins has a set exercise regime which he sticks to every day. If you wake up, get ready and rush to leave, you’re not setting yourself up correctly – you’ll be stressed before you even get to work. If you need to, wake up a little earlier (even if it means going to sleep a little earlier too!) and set yourself up properly for the day.


2) Carry a Notebook

Carry a small notebook round with you – when you have ideas, jot them down. Too often, great ideas are forgotten about. If you write down every little thing you think about, there’s a chance these ideas can develop into something amazing. In fact, people like Sir Richard Branson, David Allen and Cheryl Sandberg famously carry a little notebook with them everywhere they go.


3) Self-Development 

You need to schedule time to self-develop and learn, regardless of your goals. You can do this through taking online courses, researching and… reading! When you schedule time to read, you develop multiple skills, and you can find out more about this here.

Oprah Winfrey states that you need to stop worrying about other people and what you don’t have, focus on you and what you do have, as well as what you’d like for the future. When you focus on yourself, you’re already increasing your chance of success.

Jessica Greaney
Digital Marketer
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