5 Skills You NEED to be a Leading Graduate

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Almost 300,000 students start their journey at university across the United Kingdom every single year – but after graduation, life can be difficult. Finishing university can be a confusing time, as everything you have grown to know over the past three years seems to change dramatically. As you begin your job hunt, you’ll learn that 7 o’clock happens twice a day and you can no longer get away with eating cereal for dinner.

Graduate employers place emphasis on finding candidates with the right skills and depending on the sector you choose to work in, there will be specific skills and knowledge needed. However, complementing this knowledge are general skills that are essential to every industry. Prestige Recruitment Group understand that finding a graduate job can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much experience. But don’t fear - we have listed some essential skills that you should develop to ensure that you are a leading graduate!


1) Digital Awareness

With the development of technology over the past few years, many companies have realised the importance of the digital world. When hiring new employees, companies have an increased focus on graduates that have a deep understanding of social media and the online world. Online developments mean that a company’s digital presence is essential to pushing company branding. Therefore, every graduate should ensure they have understanding of the basic social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Even if the career you will be working in is not directly linked to social media, it is still an essential skill in understand the modern-day makings of today’s working world.


2) Teamwork and Communication

In any working environment, teamwork is vital. As a graduate, chances are that you will be working in a team of diverse individuals from different walks of life and therefore, you must be able to develop your ability to work within a team. For many businesses, finding someone who embodies their company culture is vital, and for that they need people who will be able to work efficiently and effectively within their already established team. This links into the importance of communication skills – you should be able to talk to your peers and superiors efficiently in order to get tasks done while embodying the company culture.


3) Self-Motivation

In today’s modern society, there is increased independent working. Although you may be part of a team within a company, you will have your own individual responsibilities. Similar to studying at university, you may not have someone checking in with you all the time and so you should be able to work independently to get everything done. 2018 has shown that there is an increase in remote working and flexible hours, and many companies actually promote these features as company benefits. Therefore, you should ensure that you are motivated enough to be able to work from home while maintaining the same working attitude that you would have if you were working in the office.


4) Eager to Learn

As with any job, you must show passion and enthusiasm. When applying for graduate roles, it is important that you show companies how eager you are to learn new things with their company. The fact you have been to university already shows that you were eager to continue your education and shows that you are a hard worker who is dedicated to learning. Use this to promote your want for more information to show companies that you are excited to always be learning.


5) Personality

As we’ve already said, almost 300,000 students go to university every year and so you must use your personality to stand out from those 299,999 other candidates. Allow companies to see who you are and show that you are unique to everybody else. Companies don’t want to hire just any graduate, they want someone who is interesting with a great personality that they can bring to the team. 


Although it can be scary moving from a learning establishment that you love such as university, when you get your first graduate job you will realise how exciting working can be. Just because your time at university has come to an end does not mean that you will stop learning – you have your whole career ahead of you! If you need help when you’re applying for jobs, make sure you look at our other blog posts to help you improve your CV and prepare for job interviews.


Jessica Greaney
Digital Marketer
0121 244 5004