How to Get a Job That You Love

How to Get a Job That You Love

Job Boards like Monster and Indeed are full of job vacancies and once you know what you want to do – it can be quite easy to find a job in that industry. Deciding on that job however, can be difficult. Whether you’re just starting the search for your career path or are someone who is after a complete career change, finding a job that you love is important. When you think about the fact that most of your week is spent at work, starting or changing your career can be daunting, but it’s not as difficult as you think. Prestige Recruitment Group have compiled some great advice to help you secure that perfect job.


1)    What subjects did you enjoy at school? What hobbies do you have?

The best way to start looking for a job that you love is to think about what it is that you enjoy. As you grow older, it’s easy to forget about the topics that you enjoyed at school or when you were studying, and this can lead into doing a job that you don’t enjoy. So try and remember what you loved. For example, did you enjoy media at school? Do you appreciate photography? If you can pinpoint exactly what you like doing outside of work, it can make it easier to decide on a career path you enjoy.


2)    What jobs are related to the field you enjoy?

If you’ve decided on the field you enjoy, you should research the types of jobs you can do within that area. For example, if you enjoyed media at school, there are tonnes of jobs out there. You could become a journalist, a content creator, have a role in radio or television or work in illustration and animation. Another really useful way of deciding on a job is to go and see a career adviser who would be able to show you jobs within specific industries.


3)    Research the jobs

Once you’ve found a few potential career routes, you should research job descriptions to see if it’s something you could imagine doing. A great way to research specific jobs is to look at vacancies for that position, which will list the duties and responsibilities of that job role. You can then break down the day-to-day responsibilities of that career and see if it sounds like something you’d want to do.


4)    Get some experience in that field

After you’ve researched specific jobs and their responsibilities, try and get some experience within that field. Lots of companies across the United Kingdom allow people to come and shadow their employees in order to get a deeper insight into that type of career. For example, if you think you might want to become a radio producer, look at local radio stations and see if you can go and experience the company first-hand. The best way to decide what career you want to do is to get experience within different job roles so that you know what you enjoy doing and what you actually can’t stand.


5)    Check what qualifications and skills you need and get them

Remember those job descriptions you were looking at earlier? You can research them again to find out what skills or experience you need for that position. Tailoring your skills to the career you want couldn’t be easier after this.


Now you have all your skills and qualifications and you know what you want to do! Perfect. All you have left to do is sort out your CV (We can help with that – check out our other article ‘Top Tips for Improving Your CV!’) and its time to start applying and land yourself your dream job!


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