Join Prestige in Taking Part in the ‘Colours for Peace’ Fundraising Day

Join Prestige in Taking Part in the ‘Colours for Peace’ Fundraising Day

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Warrington Bombing, Prestige Recruitment Group are joining the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation and taking part in their ‘Colours for Peace’ Fundraising Day – and we’d love it if you could too!

On Tuesday 20th March 2018, we kindly asks clients, candidates and colleagues to join us in a ‘dress down’ fundraising day, where people can wear the Peace Foundation colours: blue, green and/or white. A small donation of £1.00 will go towards supporting victims of terrorism and their families through the Foundation’s Survivors Assistance Network.


What is The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation?

25 years ago on March 20th 1993, the IRA exploded two bombs in a busy shopping street in the town of Warrington. The shrapnel killed three-year-old Johnathan Ball and five days later, twelve-year-old Tim Parry also died. 54 other people were also seriously injured. After the bombing, Tim’s parents Colin and Wendy Parry wanted to ensure that nobody would ever experience what they had gone through and so they formed the Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball Foundation For Peace.

The Foundation is a charity that works nationally and internationally for peace and non-violent conflict resolution. They support those who have been affected by terrorism and violent conflict, covering prevention, resolution and response. The Foundation also supports the police, ambulance and fire services, many of who are seriously affected by what they have witnessed. A large and vital part of what they do comes in the form of the Survivors Assistance Network, which is vital to families and individuals all over the world.


What is the Foundation’s Survivors Assistance Network?

The Foundation’s Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) provides free practical and emotional support to people who have been affected by any terrorist incident. The most recent annual statistics revealed that there were 9,707 attacks worldwide, and it is estimated that one attack happens every 55 minutes. There is no denying that the world can be violent, and supporting the individuals affected is a key element to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation.

The Foundation is currently supporting 800 people from the Manchester attack alone and so it is vital that we all come together for Peace to help the Foundation raise as much money as they possibly can.


Support the Foundation with Us

Having offices in Warrington, this charity is something that resonates with extreme importance to our whole company. All of our team members will be donating and dressing down on the 20th March to show our support for our Warrington offices and wearing blue, green and/or white!


How Else Can We Help?

As a charity, the Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of the public fundraising on their behalf so that they can continue to deliver their programmes to young people and continue the Survivors Assistance Network that supports so many victims of terrorism.

Donations, large or small, monthly, annually, or one-off can help the Foundation to plan for the future. Your donation will make a real difference to the Foundation’s vital work supporting victims of terrorism, armed forces veterans, and vulnerable young people.


25 Years

Although this year marks 25 years since a very upsetting event, a lot of good has come from it. The support that the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation offers is amazing, and the Foundation really helps people who need support.

Similar effects to the Warrington bombing happen with every terror attack and so it is fundamental that we support the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation and the Survivors Assistance Network. Prestige Recruitment Group offer our never-ending support and urge other businesses to do the same. We can’t wait to see you wearing your blue, green and white so be sure to send us any pictures from your ‘Colours for Peace’ Event!



Check out our pictures from the Colours for Peace Fundraising Day here. 

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