How To Completely Nail Your Skype Interview

How To Completely Nail Your Skype Interview

With the development of technology, many people now work remotely and so being close to work doesn’t always matter. Due to this, many companies and recruitment agencies use Skype or Facetime as a tool to screen potential candidates before meeting them in person. This substantial development means that there is now another element of the interview process that people have to prepare for. Therefore, Prestige Recruitment Group have written some top tips to help you completely nail your Skype interview.

1)  Just Say Yes

Although a Skype interview might not have been your first choice of interaction with the hiring company, you shouldn’t make excuses. Your potential employer doesn’t want to hear that you can’t do a Skype interview and would prefer to come in – they’d have invited you for a face-to-face interview if they wanted it. Just download Skype and make a free account and be prepared to go somewhere with an Internet connection if you don’t have one at home. Sorry, it’s just the way it works.


2)  Ensure That Your Username Is Professional

If you already have a Skype account from a few years ago or are in the process of setting up a new one, make sure your username is professional and not embarrassing. Be boring and just use your full name.


3)  Get Dressed!

Although you don’t have to go into the office space for your interview, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to stay in your pyjamas. Get changed and ready as if you were going in for a face-to-face interview. Also, don’t just dress professionally from the waist up (which can be tempting if you know they’re not going to see your bottom half!) because you never know if you’re going to have to get up or move around. Just think, you wouldn’t go into a face-to-face interview without any trousers on, would you?


4)  Think About Your Location

Make sure you have somewhere you can do the interview. Don’t do it from bed! If you can, sit at a desk. Avoid public places if possible, but if you need to do the interview from a café because you don’t have any Internet connection at home, make sure you let the interviewer know in advance. That way they will understand that there may be some background noise. You also want somewhere that isn’t too dark - somewhere near a window with natural light will be best.


5)  Eye Contact

Although tempting, avoid just looking at yourself in the bottom of the screen. It is much harder to actually have eye contact through a computer or phone screen but direct your answers to your web camera. This will make it come across from the interviewers end that you are looking directly at them.


6)  Handle Technical Glitches With Grace

The fact you are using Skype for your interview means that you are more likely to have technical faults or problems. If this happens, don’t stress. The interviewer understands that there may be issues, so try and stay calm and don’t be afraid to end the call and call them back if you need to. By staying calm and collected, you are showing them how you would act in a stressful situation, which they are likely to notice. If you can, practice Skyping a friend first to see if any problems occur.


7)  Make Sure There Won’t Be Any Distractions Or Interruptions

Everyone remembers that interview with Professor Robert Kelly on BBC News when his kids interrupted him! You don’t want there to be any distractions or interruptions so make sure anybody who lives in your house (whether that’s your housemates or your mother) knows that you’re going to be in a Skype Interview and that they shouldn’t interrupt you. You’ll also want to turn your phone off as if you were in a face-to-face interview and shut down all other programs on your computer except Skype!


So there you go, there’s our top tips to help you completely nail your Skype interview! When you get invited to a face-to-face interview, be sure to check out our other content here.


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