The Definitive Guide to Starting a New Job

The Definitive Guide to Starting a New Job

So you’ve done it! You sent in your CV, you prepared and smashed your job interview and you’ve just been offered the position of your dreams. You’ve agreed on a salary, you’ve received your starting date and now you’re ready to begin! Or, are you? Prestige Recruitment Group understand that it can be nerve-wracking having to prepare for your first day so we’ve made The Definitive Guide to Starting a New Job to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared. 


Start before you ‘Start’

Even before you arrive on your first day, you can prepare in advance. Don’t be afraid to email your new manager to ask if there’s anything you can do before you start or if they recommend any reading. Some companies will have an onboarding strategy in place and ask you to read over some documents, data sheets or annual reports so make sure you do this! Also, be sure to double check where you should report to on your first day. By doing all of this before you start, you’re setting the groundwork for a smooth adjustment into your new role.


Make Any Appointments

When you first start a new job, you don’t want to have to take time off immediately for appointments. Therefore, if you can, schedule appointments before your new job begins. If you have any appointments that are due after you’re meant to have started work, ask if you can move these appointments forward. If you have any spare time, you may even want to book a hair or nail appointment to get your hair or nails done just before you start – it may make you feel extra confident on your first day!


Plan Your Commute

You will want to arrive early to work on your first day. To get an accurate depiction of how long the journey will take, you should try and practice the route beforehand. It would be extra beneficial if you can practice during the times you’d actually be travelling when you start your new job. Of course, sometimes elements such as train delays, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances may affect your journey, so try and plan a backup route if possible. Make sure you leave at least 15 minutes early on your first day so that you can start early! This means you can say hello to other employees before your induction properly starts.


Plan Your Outfit

During your interview, you probably picked up on some ideas about the company culture and their dress code. Even if the dress code does feel quite relaxed, it’s always worth making an extra effort during your first few weeks. Other employees may have already proved themselves to your management, so can get away with a little more, so make sure you are a step above the usual dress code. Be sure to plan you outfit in advance, so you can ensure that your clothes are clean and fit properly. This way, there are no nasty surprises on the morning of your first day when you try on your clothes and they don’t fit anymore!


Get Your Materials Together

Even if you’ve been told that you don’t need to bring anything in on your first day, it may be worth bringing a notepad and a pen so you can take notes on all the introductory information you receive. This will show your employer that you are organised and determined. Also, if you’re not too sure what people do for lunch during their breaks, bring a packed lunch with you. If there’s anything your manager has told you to bring, bring it.


Get Plenty of Sleep

If you’ve had an irregular sleep schedule, now is the time to get back into a regular sleep pattern. Start going to bed slightly earlier and waking up earlier. By setting a sleep pattern before you officially begin, you will feel better rested when you start your new job. Also, by training your body before you officially start, you can be less worried about sleeping through any alarms on the morning of your first day!


Make the Most of Your Time Off

If you’re lucky enough to have some time off before your new job begins, use it to your advantage. You may need to run errands such as grocery shopping or need to clean your whole house – and now is the time to do it. But, if you have some extra time, enjoy yourself! When you begin your new job, you’re going to be busy! So use the time before you start to catch up with friends, family or do things you won’t be able to do when you start such as using the gym in the middle of the day (when it’s likely to be empty)!


So, now you’re ready! Congratulations on the new job. Prestige Recruitment Group wish you the best in your career and if you need any more advice, be sure to check out our other blog posts here.


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