Ready for a Promotion? Here’s How to Get One

Ready for a Promotion? Here’s How to Get One

Many people believe that promotions are a natural part of working and that they will happen automatically. Although this may be the case for some people, most people will have to work towards their promotions. Therefore, Prestige Recruitment Group have compiled a list of things you should do in order to get your dream job! 


Know Your Goal

It is vital that you know your own personal workplace goals so that you can work towards achieving them. If you fully understand where you want to go and how you can get there, you can work at developing the skills and knowledge you need. You can do this by looking at job descriptions and information about the role you would like to get, and ensuring you have all the abilities that are listed as essential for that job role. You may already have them, which is great! But if you don’t, make sure you get them!


Do a Great Job

In order to be taken seriously for any promotions within your workplace, you must do a great job within your current role. You should work your hardest to get excellent performance reviews and be known as an employee that performs ‘above average’ in all areas. Ensure that you don’t miss work, and don’t get a reputation for being lazy. Your reputation can really help or hinder your chances of a promotion so if you’re doing great in your current role – your managers are likely to consider you for the next step. Be a team player – if people in your team need help and support, offer it to them (if you have the time!). This is a great way of showing your employer that you go above and beyond what is expected of you. 


Continue Learning & Developing

If you are offered the chance to go on a course or there are opportunities for professional development, be sure to take them. If you work hard at ensuring all your skills are the best they can possibly be, you are likely to be considered for a promotion.



Get involved! Attend parties and other networking events to ensure that you are engaged and connected with people in your company. The more recognised you are, the better. Managers are more likely to give a position to someone they recognise over a random applicant they do not know.


Be Prepared to Ask

Some people may be automatically promoted, but this is not always the case. Be prepared to speak to your manager about how you feel and what you want to do. Communicating with the person who is likely to give you a reference is key. Your manager will find out eventually that you are looking to move or develop, and so it is better to be honest so that they can support you with your own personal development. Be prepared to have that conversation with your manager, and be prepared to receive honest feedback. Take their comments on board and work at improving in areas that they suggest. You can also use this time to ask your manager about potential opportunities or jobs that are coming up to get a head start before they are put onto any job boards.


Follow the Application Process

Although you may have worked in the company for a long time, it is likely that any vacancies will be advertised on the Internet and external candidates will apply. Ensure that your CV and references are up to date, so you aren’t surprised if your manager asks you to apply through the usual application process. Create a cover letter that illustrates all the work you have already done for the company and why you are looking for a promotion. Once you’ve done all this, you’re ready to go!


Best of luck with your journey to a promotion! If you need help preparing for interviews, be sure to check out our other blogs such as How to Dress for a FORMAL Job Interview and The Top 10 Interview Questions You Should ALWAYS Prepare For!


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