5 Quick Tips to Make Employees Love Their Office Workspace


We’ve all heard the saying that a happy office is a productive office, which is completely true. The space in which someone works can seriously affect mood and morale within the office. Therefore, it is vital that you as their employer try your hardest to ensure that your office workspace is the best it can possibly be. Your employees spend most of their week at their desk, so you need to work hard so that they are happy. Remember, happy employees are productive employees! Prestige Recruitment Group have therefore compiled a quick list of 5 simple things you should do to ensure your employees love their office workspace. 


How to Ensure Your Employees Love Their Office Workspace:

1)  Stay Organised

Motivation and productivity take a serious hit when your office space is messy and disorganised. With a disorganised workspace, you seriously run the risk of your employees becoming disengaged. If everything in your office workspace has a set place as to where it is meant to be, your employees will certainly be happier. Therefore, make sure that you have places for stationary, folders and files. If you make it easier for your employees to find what they need, when they need it, it makes a big difference to office happiness.


2)  Make It Comfortable

Your employees spend so much of their week within their office workspace, and so it is vital that they feel comfortable. You should try hard to ensure that your space is as comfortable. Make sure that there is as much natural light as there can possibly be. People spend a lot of time in front of their computer sat on a chair, so make sure the furniture options you offer are comfortable for people to sit on for long periods of time. You should also ensure that there is a comfortable place for employees to sit down to eat lunch and take some time away from the desk.


3)  Give Everyone a Say

At the end of the day, there are many people in your office, and not just you. You should make the effort to ask employees about what they’d really like to see in their office space. Would your staff like to listen to a radio while they work? Would they like a coffee machine? If you can hear what people want, you can have more of an idea on what to change so that everybody is happy. Take their suggestions, and if possible and reasonable, give it to them. Involve your team!


4)  Office Perks

Everyone loves perks! Sometimes the smallest of things, like offering your employees free coffee and allowing them to leave early on Friday, goes a long way. When hard work is recognised and appreciated, it makes a happier office!


5)  Allow Personalisation

Some offices workspaces may not allow their desks to be cluttered with personal items and objects, however if you can, let employees bring some of their own items in. Some people may just want to bring in their own mug or some photos for their desk, and some people may want to bring in their own chair. If you can, allow employees to do this. These things obviously mean a lot to your employees, so if they can bring it in to their work environment, they will feel more comfortable in their workspace. Appreciate your employee’s differences and individuality.


The suggestions we have listed are not difficult and not too hard to embody within your company, but they’ll make a huge difference to your employee morale and happiness. We are currently writing another blog about bigger changes you can make in order to improve your office. If you're interested, please leave an email address below. 

Jessica Greaney
Digital Marketer
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