A Day In The Life of an Accounts Assistant

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What’s it like to be an Accounts Assistant at Prestige Recruitment Group? 

We caught up with Joshua Toye, who is our apprentice accounts assistant based in our head office in Birmingham! Here’s what his role involves:

‘My experience so far of being an apprentice accounts assistant is that its quite a big role, as the job I do gets followed with college lessons for my course. As well as this, I am also trained by experienced managers and members of staff within the office to further my knowledge of the jobs that I do. I work four days in the Birmingham office, and one day a week at college, which means I am constantly learning! It’s very exciting.

'The jobs that I do are spread out during the week, which means my days are quite balanced. Some of the jobs I do in the office include printing off timesheets that need to go in the weekly bible, entering every temp’s hours and pay onto payroll and consistently checking that everything is correct and up to date. Other elements within my role include paying all the temps, sending payslips and preparing invoices to be sent while making sure that all information is correct.

'In between jobs, I help colleagues with anything they need, whether it’s replying to emails or scanning and sending important information to them.

I’ve only worked at Prestige Recruitment Group since January, but it’s a great experience to see the working world, and it’s a company I really enjoy being a part of. I can’t wait to continue learning over the next year.'

A Fact About Josh:  At only 17, Josh is the youngest member of the Prestige Family. 

If you're interested in joining the Prestige family, get in touch! If you want to know more about Josh, check his Meet the Team page here


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