How To Guarantee An Increase In Workplace Creativity


Workplace creativity is an essential element to any work environment. With a creative environment and creative employees, your business is innovative, productive and insightful. Workplace creativity allows solutions to complex problems and inspires your staff, making a happier team.

Prestige Recruitment Group thoroughly understand the importance of ensuring that your business is the best it can possibly be, so we’ve listed some top tips ensure that your business stays creative and thriving!


Top Tips to Guarantee An Increase In Workplace Creativity:


Hire Diversely

If you are recruiting diversely, you should have a team full of people from all walks of life. Because of this, you will gain access to a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, which funds the growth of unique, innovative and fresh ideas. So hire diversely, and your business will be able to identify opportunities and explore new solutions.  Hiring diversely, therefore, guarantees an increase in workplace creativity.

Hiring diversely is so important to a company that we’re currently in the process of completing an eBook all about it. the end of the blog and we’ll send it straight to your inbox the second we finish it. You can sign up at the end of the blog and we’ll send it straight to your inbox the second we finish it.



If possible, allowing for flexibility in the workday allows employees to work when they feel the most creative. Studies have consistently shown that flexible schedules lead to higher rates of overall productivity, higher job satisfaction and most importantly, higher workplace creativity. Letting employees work outside of the box means that they are thinking outside of the box.


Encourage Breaks

Burnout is not good for an individual’s creativity, and that is why it is so important that you actively encourage your employees to take breaks. If possible, you should let employees go for walks when they need it. Having fresh air will clear your mind and help them think better.


Structure Your Brainstorming

It is important that you structure your brainstorming in order to reach optimum productivity and creativity. Allow everyone to present their ideas first. Then, once everyone has their ideas down, go through them one by one and make sure each idea is given the same amount of thought. By structuring your brainstorming it allows room for growth and ensures that you stay on topic. This increases productivity as well as workplace creativity!


Seating Options

When an employee spends all their time at one desk and in one seat, it can become easy to feel demotivated. The best creative environments have a variety of options so that individuals can work wherever they feel best suits them. If someone is getting fed up sitting at their desk, changing environment and standing or sitting on a comfortable sofa can seriously affect their engagement and creativity. Therefore, you should offer a variety of options so that people can work where best suits them on that particular day.


Meeting Spaces

Linking to our previous point, you should also offer a variety of meeting places. There should be some that are open and some that are closed. These different areas will encourage different personality types and groups to work together in a space that best suits them.


There Are No Stupid Ideas

You should communicate to all of your employees that there are no stupid ideas. Some individuals may be scared to speak up and show their creativity because they are worried that their ideas may not be suitable. Therefore, you should reinforce the fact that you want to hear all ideas, and no idea will be stupid. If you can actively encourage individuals to speak up, their creative flair will increase when they realise that they don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.


Facilitate A Team Mentality

It is rare that a good idea comes from just one person – that’s why it’s important that you can work as a team. Creativity is a team sport, so you should make sure everyone is on the same page. This means that individuals can bounce ideas off of each other for optimum creativity!


An Increase In Workplace Creativity

Admittedly, creativity doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everybody. However, if you nurture your team and make changes, you will allow for optimum creativity in your team. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, and don’t forget to sign up if you’re interested in receiving our eBook about Diversity.

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