A Day In The Life of a Work Experience Intern


What’s it like to be on Work Experience at Prestige Recruitment Group? 

We caught up with Joe Bloggs*, who came to Prestige Recruitment Group this week on work experience to find out about what he enjoyed, what he learnt and what he thought about the working world.

(*Please note that due to age and GDPR regulations, names and other identifiable factors such as images have been changed.)

How have you found your work experience?

‘It’s been good, and I have learnt a lot about different departments in the short amount of time I have been here. For example, on Monday, I was in accounting and I was tasked with printing off the schedules for the Temps hours and I also filled out a spreadsheet that worked out the holiday pay due for the Temps. I was also set the task of filing some of the documents and I even posted some letters! However, today I am in marketing and now I’m creating blogs and searching for images and it’s all very different.

'On Thursday I was in sales, and I helped out by looking for details of different companies that were hiring. I focused on IT jobs and used LinkedIn to find suitable employees of the different companies to call and speak to about recruitment. As well as this, I spend time looking through a variety of different CV’s to try and find a suitable candidate for a receptionist job.

‘I really expected work experience to be a difficult week. I had no idea what I was going into and I imagined the worse. I thought I would struggle with the work and make lots of mistakes, however, everyone within the business were welcoming and I was given manageable tasks that were of use to the different departments of Prestige Recruitment Group. I think the biggest surprise about my work experience was the environment within the office - before arriving I expected myself to be sitting in silence behind a desk, however all the team were nice to me and engaged in conversation and made me feel included.

‘I feel that working at Prestige Recruitment Group is more beneficial compared to the work that some of my other friends are doing. I get an idea for what a working office environment is like, which I personally believe is much more useful than other placements. Additionally, I got to work in a variety of different areas within the business, which has allowed me to get a better understanding of the different aspects of a business.

‘My favourite task so far has been working creatively in marketing – I used the app Illustrator to design my own character to use for the images on this blog post! I enjoyed experimenting with the different tools on the app and perfecting each detail on the cartoon.’

 You can see the image created here:


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