How Do You Create a Happy Workplace Culture?

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Nowadays, work is much more than just the job you are doing. Over recent years, there’s been an increased emphasis on workplace culture and atmosphere, as well as happiness in the workplace. People want to be happy at work, so adjusting and changing your workplace culture to ensure that your employees are content, engaged and excited is absolutely vital. In fact, companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%! Prestige Recruitment Group have therefore created a list of the top five things you can do to try and encourage a happy workplace culture: 

1) Deliver Praise and Recognition 

In a working environment, it can become easy to only pull your employees up when they have done something wrong or not performed as well as they should have. In order to keep a happy workplace culture, it’s absolutely vital that you also deliver praise and recognition when your team do well. Feeling under-appreciated is one of the main reasons why people quit their jobs so make sure you encourage and motivate your employees by constant recognition. When you notice someone going above and beyond, let them know that you have noticed it. 

2) Make Work Fulfilling 

If people feel like the work they’re doing doesn’t matter or make a difference, they’re not going to find it fulfilling. If someone doesn’t find their work fulfilling, they’re not going to enjoy their job and working environment. Therefore, it’s vital that you explain the importance of each person and their roles so that people can feel important and happy within your organisation. This is quite an easy process – you can actually just write down and illustrate how each team member’s role is important to the company. 

 3) Meaningful Benefits

Jobs are so much more than a salary now and new generations of workforce appreciate other perks and benefits that come along with the job. There are tonnes of different perks you can offer your employees to illustrate that you appreciate them and the work that they do – from free breakfasts and gym memberships to unlimited holiday entitlement! Even little things will make your employs feel appreciated and happy, which emphasises the happy workplace culture! 

4) Invest In Your Team’s Personal Growth 

Personal development is something that shouldn’t stop just because your employees are working for you. When employees feel stagnant and like nothing is changing, they are likely to start scrolling through the job boards in search of something new. There are a few things that you can do to help your members of staff with their growth from sending them on courses or letting them attend conferences! It’s important that as a team, everyone is always setting personal goals. Everyone should aim towards these goals over the period of a year, and when employees reach their goals, they will feel like they’ve achieved something from work – which makes them feel motivated, engaged, and most importantly, happy.  

5) Build and Share Trust

One of the most important things about having a happy workplace culture is that your employees need to feel trusted! If you’re constantly micromanaging or making your employees feel unworthy, they’re not going to feel happy at work! Give your team responsibility because it shows that you’re confident in their abilities, which makes them feel appreciated and responsible! 

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