Jessica Martin

A Day In The Life of a Recruitment Coordinator



What’s it like to be a Recruitment Coordinator at Prestige Recruitment Group?  

We caught up with Jessica Martin, who is one of our recruitment coordinators based in Wilmslow. Here’s what her role involves:  

‘I’m supposed to walk to work every morning, but most days I end up in a taxi. When I arrive at work, the first thing on my mind is a cup of coffee to wake myself up for the day ahead!

'From there, I log on and work my way through the emails I need to respond to. I help my team out as much as I can whether it’s registering candidates, gaining references, CV searching, updating candidate profiles, placing candidates in vacancies, arranging interviews or prepping candidates for interviews.

'Each day is different for me, on a Monday I will be processing payroll, making sure all candidates have their timesheets in before the 11am deadline, confirming holiday pay, and ensuring I have collected everyone’s p45’s and timesheets. Towards the end of the day, I work on my blog, which I post on LinkedIn on a weekly basis. I will also be working on general registrations for the week ahead of me.

'Most of the other days I spend resourcing for Vicky and Sarah, or filling vacancies for the temp desk. I love the thrill of knowing I have placed a candidate into a role that they have always wanted or that they never imagined working for. I also enjoy working on jobs for Sarah, even though I am only helping with searching for CV’s and finding candidates for the relevant roles that they are recruiting for at that time.

'The roles that Sarah work on are jobs I have never worked on before or even heard of, so it’s great to be able to support and learn at the same time. I also make sure I save the roles into my folders created, so that everything is organised!

'Prestige Recruitment Group brought me in to support Vicky alongside her temp’s desk, as I come from a temp’s background. I have had a lot of training with the Prestige Training Academy, and I had a lot to learn about Prestige and the way they work as a company. They have provided me with all I ever needed – support, guidance and a confidence boost.

'Even though I come across as a very chatty upbeat person, I still have my insecurities. One thing I struggled with overcoming was the fear of people hearing me on the phone as I work so close to the rest of my colleagues in the office. However, I soon realised that everyone is so busy that they are focusing on their own jobs, and I have nothing to be embarrassed about.

'The journey I have been on so far has been amazing, and I am so happy about working with Prestige Recruitment Group.

Jessica's Secret Fact: 'I am the DJ of the office and I keep the whole office entertained!' 


If this sounds like something you’d love to be doing, and you fancy joining the team, get in touch. If you want to know more about Jess, check out her Meet the Team page here


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