Do you really want to leave your job? Go through our 7 steps first to really make sure

Do you love your job?

We all can have bad days and think we want a new job but are we sure we really don’t like the one we already have? Try these tips before you decide if the grass really would be greener in a new job:

Have a positive frame of mind  

Negativity is a most likely the way to becoming demotivated, things feel different if we have the right attitude. It can be hard to turn it around, but look at all the positives and don't focus on the negatives.

Plan your time

Feeling “snowed under” is counter productive, have a “to do list” to ensure you prioritise and organise. It is amazing how you start feeling in control again.

Stay focused

Stay focused on that “to do list” and feel a sense of achievement when the list shrinks, start really looking at where you need to spend your and time make sure you prioritise the important work that really counts. If you have not heard of the 80-20 rule, read up about it because it is true! You can use it for everything, Implement the concept into your to do lists making sure the important work is top priority, now give yourself a big tick! The 80-20 rule here

Keep perspective

If people around you aren’t happy it is usually about them not about you, focus on what’s important to you and don’t involve yourself. Other people can easily bring you down, in fact some people love bringing others down with their negativity. Keep perspective, feel positive and don't let other shape your life.  

Take a break

Never think you don’t have time…. Even 5 minutes away from your desk really can make a difference. Get some fresh air, take a few nice deep breaths, smile and you will be amazed how it can put a spring in your step again.   

Beat the stress

Talking about taking a break, at lunchtime why not download an app called Headspace?! It’s a 10 minute meditation app made easy. (come on, you have 10 minutes!) It’s a great stress beater. As stress is common in fast paced working environments this could be just the antidote you need to start seeing the wood through the trees again! Don't say we don't look after you! https Headspace app here

Be clear 

Be clear about what’s expected of you and the role you are employed to do, don’t worry about something you don’t need to. Try managing your workload, if you are already at breaking point don't take on extra work for someone that’s not in your remit. Sometimes you have to be a bit ruthless (in a nice way) to make sure you can cover your own work without blowing a gasket! 

Achievement of the day

Pick your main priority of work to do as your first job of the day. You know, the one that is a pain, the one you don’t like doing, the big bad complicated one! You're fresh in the morning and although you don't feel like it, getting the main jobs all sorted first thing gives you a more relaxing afternoon on more enjoyable work. At the end of the day you will have a big grin on your face knowing the nasty stuff is sorted, not continually haunting you day by day! Now, give yourself a pat on the back and go home feeling good!

Still No?

If the answer is still NO I don’t love my job, (don’t say we did not try) the time will have come to talk to a Prestige Recruitment Consultant, we deal with jobs across multiple disciplines: Office Support, Fashion & Retail, Sales & Marketing, Technical Engineering HR, Technology and Hospitality. Come and talk to us, we like to think we do things a bit differently.