The Top 10 Interview Questions You Should ALWAYS Prepare For!

The Top 10 Interview Questions You Should ALWAYS Prepare For!

No matter how many you’ve been on, job interviews will make even the most confident person, slightly nervous. This is your one chance to really impress your potential employer and that’s why it is so important that you are thoroughly prepared.

If you’ve seen our other blog posts, you’ve probably already read our Basic Interview Checklist, which gives a brief overview to preparing to meet the employer.  Now the Prestige Recruitment Group are taking this even further and to help you really prepare for your interview, we have created a list of ten of the most frequently asked interview questions. We’ve even offered support on HOW to answer them. So have a read through and make sure you prepare answers to all of them!


1) Tell me about yourself.

This question usually sets the groundwork for the whole interview. Make sure you keep your answers to the point, being work specific. The employer wants to know about where you are professionally, what you have learned from your past work experiences and why you are there today.


2) What do you know about our company?

Here the employer is gauging for how serious you are about the job. They want to see you’ve done your research. The best way to prepare for this question is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Have a quick look across the company’s website and social media pages and remember three or four key facts that you can bring up during the interview. It shows that you’re prepared for the interview and serious about the job.  


3) Why do you want this job?

The best way to answer this question is to be completely honest. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show that you are seriously passionate about the role you have applied for. Bring up the work the company has done in the past and stress the ways you’d be able to make an impact.


4) Why did you leave your last job?

Whatever you do with this question, don’t lie. If you were fired, own up to it and show what you have learned from the experience. If you voluntarily left, be sure to explain why. Link this into why you are applying for the vacancy you are being interviewed for – perhaps explain a specific characteristic that the new company has that the old one may not have.


5) What are your strengths?

Grab hold of this question and guide the interview where you want it to go. Make sure you highlight a strength that is crucial to the position you are being interviewed for.


6) What are your weaknesses?

The question that everyone dreads! Don’t pick something that isn’t really a weakness, like ‘I’m a perfectionist.’ The employer can see straight through that! Try to pick a weakness that isn’t too crucial to the job and make sure you let the employer know that you’re working on it. This question is the perfect opportunity to show that you are ‘self-aware.’


7) What is your biggest achievement?

Talk about something you are genuinely proud of, so that your passion shows through! Talk about an accomplishment that exhibits how you will be a perfect fit for the company and the position you’ve applied for.


8) What motivates you?

Try and let your passion come across and explain how the job will make you happy and allow you to develop skills, which are your key motivators. Talk about how you want to learn things and talk about how much the company can teach you.


9) What do you do outside of work?

This isn’t a trick question! The employer wants to get to know you more as a person. If you play a sport, tell them. If you like reading, tell them. Talk about spending time with family and friends. Let the employer know that you’re human.


10) Do you have any questions for me?

The answer to this question should ALWAYS be yes. This question gives you an opportunity to show your knowledge and passion for the company you are interviewing for. Bring in the research you’ve done about the company – perhaps ask about projects or exciting things they are working on at the moment. You could also ask about how the employer feels about being an employee of the company.


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