Customer Service Advisor in the Commercial Car Hire Industry

'Emma is by far the best recruitment consultant I’ve ever dealt with. Thorough, efficient, courteous, professional and helpful. Within no time, Emma was on the phone to me to expedite the process. Emma managed to ensure that all of the necessary hoops were jumped through in super quick time. It was all done with minimum fuss and there was an old-fashioned courtesy to it, going the extra mile to send on helpful tips on interviews and the likes. 

'Emma remained professional throughout the process and always kept me in the loop with regards to my interview. I am grateful to Emma for her diligence. It is comforting to know that in a game where you can often feel like a number, where your CV and cover letter aren’t even acknowledged that professionals like Emma Smith are out there – I’d recommend using Emma, expect her to be prompt and thorough in getting to the heart of your talents.'